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The 2018 North American Bitcoin and Blockchain Conference in Miami Draws Large Crowd

Now that a week has passed since the outstanding 2018 North American Bitcoin and Blockchain Conference in Miami, we want to be one of the first to congratulate Mo Levin and his staff on an absolutely fabulous meeting. It can be easily summed-up by the incredible number of attendees (4,000) that focused on joining each speaking session and the exhibit area as well. Some exhibiting companies were overwhelmed with interested attendees and it was elbow to elbow as the exhibitors worked to answer questions and provide additional information.

It is always a challenge to keep a conference program moving on the main stage, but the NABBC team made it look easy. The speakers were well informed, well educated in their field, and each presentation from Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, The Blockchain, AI (Artificial Intelligence), regulation of cryptocurrency, Robotics, and ICO's (Initial Coin Offerings) were succinct and to the point. Many of the speakers were also available, at off times, to discuss their experience and expertise in their specific fields.

If you missed this conference make certain that you plan on attending the next one. You will meet many people who are new to cryptocurrency and investing. The buzz about where all of this is going and the disruption it is causing means new opportunities will emerge. Don't miss it.

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The North American BitCoin Conference: Jan 18-19, 2018 - Miami, FL

The North American Bitcoin and Blockchain Conference coming to Miami, FL on January 18 — 19, 2018 promises to exceed expectations. The cryptocurrency space is exploding and it is vital for everyone in the financial services industry to pay particular attention to the direction it is going. The conference in Miami will offer a wide range of individuals with demonstrated expertise in the crypto arena.

The speakers will mainly focus on cryptocurrency, the blockchain, and disruptive technologies during the scheduled two-day event. You can view the speakers bios by clicking the link provided below. The days are broken up into 20 minute sessions for each speaker throughout the entire event. There will also be ample time built into the schedule to network with a number of companies in the exhibit hall; all of whom have positioned themselves in the crypto world.

This is an event you do not want to miss!

Click here for the event website!